SSRS Interview Questions IV

6. What is DrillDown Report ?
Drilling down usually refers to navigating a hierarchy of information. You can control whether a report item initially displays or is hidden when a user views a report. Also, by providing a plus or minus toggle on a text box, you can enable users to hide and display items interactively. This is called a drilldown action.

For example, if you begin with Product Category, you can drill down to view the Product Subcategories within the category and drill down further to see the products within the subcategory. All of this can be done on the same report .

7. What is Drill-through Report ?
A drill-through report is a report that links itself to another report by passing parameter values to the destination report. You activate the drill-through by clicking a link within your report. Drill-through reports commonly contain details about an item that you see in an initial summary report (sometimes referred to as the source report of a drill-through). For example, you may have a sales summary report with a list of orders and sales totals. When a user clicks an order number in the summary list, another report opens containing details about the order. The drill-through report is the detail report containing details about the order.

8. What is the difference between Drill-down and Dril-through Reports ?
In a drilldown report, a user clicks a plus or minus button to expand or collapse a section of a report to show detail data in place. In a drillthrough report, the user clicks a link for a summary value, and this opens a separate, related report to show detail data. The detail data is only retrieved when the detail report runs. Drillthrough reports typically require fewer resources than drilldown reports.

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