SSRS Interview Questions III

4. How we can Tune Up Reporting Services ?
Report server performance is affected by a combination of factors that include hardware, number of concurrent users accessing reports, the amount of data in a report, and output format. To understand the performance factors that are specific to your installation and which remedies will produce the results you want, you will need to get baseline data and run tests.

General principles to consider include the following:• Report processing and rendering are memory intensive operations. When possible, choose a computer that has a lot of memory.

• Hosting the report server and the report server database on separate computers tends to provide better performance than hosting both on a single high-end computer.
• If all reports are processing slowly, consider a scale-out deployment where multiple report server instances support a single report server database. For best results, use load balancing software to distribute requests evenly across the deployment.
• If a single report is processing slowly, tune report dataset queries if the report must run on demand. You might also consider using shared datasets that you can cache, caching the report, or running the report as a snapshot.
• If all reports process slowly in a specific format (for example, while rendering to PDF), consider file share delivery, adding more memory, or choosing a different format.
• To find out how long it takes to process a report and other usage metrics, review the report server execution log.

5. What are the command line Utilities available in Reporting Services ?

rs Utility
Processes script you provide in an input file. Use this utility to automate report server deployment and administration tasks.

rsconfig Utility
Encrypts and stores connection and account values in the RSReportServer.config file.

rskeymgmt Utility
Extracts, restores, creates, and deletes the symmetric key used to protect sensitive report server data against unauthorized access. This utility is also used to join report server instances in a scale-out deployment.

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